Locations of Interest 18 Feb 9:30am

18 February 2022

The current locations (and dates) of interest are as follows (note that some of the times may overlap):

Friday February 11

  • Police Station (11.30am-12.30pm)
  • OTR (1-2pm)
  • ANZ bank (2-3pm)
  • Party bus from 8.30pm onwards – Hula Bar, Luna Bar, OTR, Rehab

Saturday February 12

  • Trader Jacks (7-9pm)

Tuesday February 15

  • NZ946 (Akld-Rarotonga) on Tuesday 15 February – rows 46 to 50
  • Sinai Hall where a family service was held that evening

Wednesday February 16

  • Family Funeral at Takuvaine home
  • Tupapa Gym also between 7pm and 8.30pm