Ministerial Order - Indoor & Outdoor Events and Social Gatherings, Contact Sports, Pa Enua Travel

18 March 2022





Section 8 of the COVID-19 ACT 2020

Dated: 17 March 2022


It is ordered that:

Indoor and Outdoor Events and Social Gatherings

  1. All indoor and outdoor events and social gatherings, whether in a private or public setting, organised or spontaneous, are restricted to a maximum of 50 people unless an exemption has been obtained from the Secretary of Health (or delegate).
  1. This includes (but is not limited to) parties; fundraisers; team sports training and games; sporting events; funerals; weddings; live shows; the cinema; night clubs and family land meetings.
  1. This does not include a gathering for the purpose of business or service -
    1. at an office workplace; or
    2. as part of ordinary retail operations; or
    3. at a hearing of a court or tribunal; or
    4. churches, cafes, restaurants and bars; or
    5. as part of ordinary operations at an education entity.

Contact sports

All forms of contact sports, whether in a public or private setting, are prohibited, including training and match play.

Contact sports means any sport that involves the participants coming into bodily contact with one another as an accepted part of play.

Pa Enua Travel

Air and sea travel from Rarotonga to the Pa Enua (other than Aitutaki) is restricted to pilots and crew for the purpose of transporting cargo from Rarotonga to the Pa Enua, and/or transporting passengers and cargoes from the Pa Enua to Rarotonga, unless an exemption has been obtained from the Secretary of Health (or delegate).


This order comes into force at 11:59pm on 17th March 2022.
This order will remain in force until 11.59pm on 31st March 2022.