Ministerial Order - Pa Enua

1 May 2022





Section 8 of the COVID-19 ACT 2020

Dated: 30 April 2022



1. In this order, unless the context otherwise requires,-

Contact sports means any sport that involves the participants coming into bodily contact with one another as an accepted part of play. 
indoor space means an area, room or premises that is, or are, substantially enclosed by a roof and walls, regardless of whether the roof or walls, or any part of the roof or walls, are permanent or temporary, or open or closed. 

2. Any term or expression that is defined in the Act or regulations and used, but not defined, in these regulations, has the same meaning as in the Act or regulations.

Relationship with COVID-19 (Public Health Measures) Regulations 2021 

3. This Ministerial order prevails over the COVID-19 (Public Health Measures) Regulations 2021 (the "Regulations") to the extent that there is any inconsistency between this order and the Regulations, otherwise the public health measures provided for in this order are supplementary to those in the Regulations.

Face Coverings

4. This part of the order (paragraphs 4 to 6) only applies to the following islands:

  • Aitutaki
  • Atiu
  • Manihiki
  • Rakahnga
  • Penrhyn
  • Mauke
  • Mitiaro
  • Mangaia
  • Pukapuka

5. Every person must wear a face covering while in any public indoor space; except­

(a) if the person is under the age of 6 years; or

(b) if the person has a physical or mental illness or condition or disability that makes wearing a face covering unsuitable; or

(c) when the person is taking medicine; or

(d) when the person is eating or drinking; or

(e) when the person is in a defined or an enclosed space that is separate from the passenger area of a vehicle this is in use as part of a public transport service; or

(f) when the person is communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing and visibility of the mouth is essential for communication; or (g)    when asked to remove the face covering to ascertain the person's identity; or

(h) if wearing a face covering is not safe in all of the circumstances; or

(i) when in an emergency; or

(j) when removal of, or not wearing, the face covering is otherwise required or authorised by law

(k) when the person is performing as an entertainer; or

(i) when the person is presenting to an audience, for example-

  • presiding over or assisting in leading a faith based gathering; or
  • presenting at a university lecture.


6. Despite clause 4, face coverings are not required to be worn-

(a) at a school premises where a person is under 18 years old and a student of the school; or

(b) by a customer at an indoor food or drink business or service when the customer is seated at his or her table.

Indoor and Outdoor Events and Social Gatherings on Aitutaki and Atiu 

7. The rest of this Order (paragraphs 7 -12) applies only to the islands of Aitutaki and Atiu.

8. All events and social gatherings, whether in a private or public setting, organised or spontaneous, are restricted to a maximum of 50 people for indoor events or gatherings and 100 people for outdoor events or gatherings unless an exemption has been obtained from the Secretary of Health (or delegate).

9. This includes (but is not limited to) parties; fundraisers; team sports training and games; sporting events; funerals; weddings; live shows; the cinema; night clubs; and family land meetings.

10. This does not include a gathering for the purpose of business or service -

a. At an office workplace; or

b. As part of ordinary retail operations; or

c. At a hearing of a court or tribunal; or

d. Churches, cafes, restaurants and bars; or

e. As part of ordinary operations at an education entity.

Contact sports on Aitutaki and Atiu 

11. Individual players may only participate in contact sports, whether in a public or private setting, training or match play, if they return a negative result from a Rapid Antigen Test conducted on the day of the training or match.

12. The following individuals are exempted from the requirement to undergo testing prior to training or match play of contact sports:

a. Players who have been issued with a valid green COVID-19 Freedom Card by TMO because they have recently recovered from a COVID-19 infection.


This order comes into force at 12.00am on 1 May 2022.

This order will remain in force until 11.59pm on 14 May 2022.