Temporary Changes to Public Health Assistance

5 April 2022

Kia Orana Rarotonga


Te Marae Ora public health team members have not escaped COVID-19 infections and as a result a number are currently isolating.

To still be able to provide support to others who test positive, the following temporary process will apply from tomorrow and until further notice.

If members of the public test positive whilst in their place of work or at a testing station or elsewhere away from their home and can drive to their local health clinic on their way home, they are advised to do so. Please call the Health Clinic in advance to let them know you have tested positive and are coming to collect your isolation pack. A contact less transfer will then be able to take place.

From the local health clinic people will be able to collect their Isolation Packs, comprising of RAT test kits, an “in isolation” order, welfare pack information, flag and other general information and then proceed to their home to complete their isolation period.

If people are not well enough to visit their local clinic, then please call the clinic once you get home and Public Health will arrange for the delivery of your Isolation pack.

Te Marae Ora has been preparing for this time. And this preparation combined with the common sense of our people will see us through, safely.

Public Health clinics numbers are:

  • TUPAPA – 28 181 or 0800 1803;
  • NIKAO 28 186 or 0800 1806;
  • ARORANGI 28 185 or 0800 1807;
  • TITIKAVEKA 28 190 or 0800 1810;
  • and MATAVERA 28 189 or 0800 1813.