Travel to the Cook Islands

Entry into the Cook Islands is controlled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please familiarise yourself with the information below to ensure you meet all of the border entry requirements.

Travel Advisory +

The Cook Islands Government has made the important decision to re-open the borders from the 13 January 2022 (CKT). This decision was based on a range of high-level advice from the Government’s Border Easement Taskforce and data modelling experts in New Zealand. This reopening of borders allows for two-way quarantine-free travel from New Zealand.

Pre-Arrival Travel Requirements +

Pre-Arrival Travel Requirements

All visitors to the Cook Islands are classified into 3 Groups. This is to ensure that regulations comply with the Cook Islands international law obligations. The 3 Group classifications are:

  • Group 1: Visitors
  • Group 2: Diplomats & Permit Holders
  • Group 3: Cook Islanders & Cook Islands Permanent Residents

Travellers under all 3 Groups will need to complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete the Cook Islands Ministry of Health online travel declaration form 96 hours before departure
  2. Provide evidence of a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test from an approved medical facility in New Zealand, taken within 48 hours of departure. The evidence must be provided in an electronic or hard copy document that confirms:

    • the person’s name; and
    • the person’s date of birth or passport number; and
    • the date and time the test was conducted; and
    • the name of the laboratory that carried out the test; and
    • the type of test carried out; and
    • the test result.
  3. Provide evidence of vaccination status
  4. Have been in New Zealand for at least 10 days, prior to departure

Travellers in Groups 2 and 3 will also need to provide proof of your immigration status.

For more information regarding entry requirements please contact [email protected]

Exemptions +


The Cook Islands Government requires all non-Cook Islands citizens to meet COVID-19 vaccination requirements before travelling to the Cook Islands.
Exemptions will only be made for the following group(s) under these conditions:

Group 2 and Group 3:

  • Children aged under 12 years
  • Persons aged over 12 who cannot be vaccinated due to medical exemption

To apply for medical exemptions email [email protected]

Quarantine +


Unvaccinated travellers will be subject to additional health protocols dependant on vaccination status upon arrival into the Cook Islands.

The Health Protocols include:

  • 5 days self quarantine
  • 10 days Managed Quarantine
  • COVID-19 tests on day 0, 5 and 9

The following classifications of people will need to undergo certain health protocols mentioned above, upon arrival to the Cook Islands:

  1. Persons aged over 12 who are not vaccinated and do not have a medical exemption: 10 days Managed Quarantine with tests on Day 0, 5 and 9
    1. Please note that if a minor (aged 12 – 17) in this group is travelling unaccompanied, a caregiver or guardian will have to enter 10 days Managed Quarantine with them. The traveller must also cover these Managed Quarantine costs of that caregiver
  2. Unvaccinated travellers aged under 12 years who are travelling with unvaccinated adults: 10 days Managed Quarantine with tests on Day 0, 5 and 9
  3. Persons aged under 12 travelling with vaccinated adults (or adults exempt from vaccination) or travelling unaccompanied: 5 days home isolation tests on Day 0 and 5
  4. Group 3 travellers (Cook Islanders and Cook Islands Permanent Residents) who have a medical exemption from vaccination: 5 days home isolation tests on Day 0 and 5

Quarantine - Costs

Room (maximum two adults; or two adults, one child; or one adult, two children)
First Adult
Additional Adult
Child (3 – 12 years)
Child under 3 years
Villa (maximum six adults; or three adults, three children)
First Adult
Additional Adult
Child (3 – 12 years)
Child under 3 years

Family groups beyond the room maximum can choose to be accommodated either in a villa, or in two rooms.

For all MIQ registration please contact: [email protected]