Our Health Response

On 22 January 2020, Te Marae Ora Cook Islands Ministry of Health (Te Marae Ora) activated the health emergency response and incident management system. Through the support of Cabinet and Parliament, the legislative framework to deliver a robust public health response was secured, along with endorsement of the national emergency response plan (March), progressive border restrictions, and budget.

In preparation Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health repurposed Rarotonga's sole hospital to deal with any positive cases and Covid-19 response centres were set up in each of Rarotonga's 10 punas (districts). Your Puna is part of the coordinated National Emergency Health Taskforce response to ensure every person in your immediate community is accounted for and kept well- informed. Puna are staffed with qualified health officials and emergency response volunteers to assist with the most vital health and social needs during COVID-19 and beyond.

For more information visit Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health

Your Puna

Puna Map

Learn about the COVID-19 household flags used by your Puna to communicate important health messages.

Understanding the difference between a white, red, orange or yellow-coloured flag could one day be a matter of life and death. Te Marae Ora has developed the easy to follow system to keep people safe and alert to COVID-19 health risks in our community.

Flag: Orange
Orange is used to indicate the household has someone who is elderly or high risk (for example, they may have a non-communicable disease). Show you care by staying away. Older people are more likely to have underlying health issues that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19, so it is especially important to follow the rules.
Flag: Yellow
Yellow says the house is under supervised quarantine. Someone inside has been exposed to COVID-19. No visitors are permitted to a quarantined house. Quarantine separates people from others and restricts their movement if they have been exposed to an infectious disease, such as COVID-19, to see if they become sick.
Flag: Red
Red is used to indicate a person in the household is a confirmed case of COVID-19. The house is under supervised isolation. It is critical you stay away. Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease, such as COVID-19, from people who are not sick.
Flag: White
White signals medical attention is required. If someone in your house needs a doctor or nurse, call your local Puna on the free call number and place a white coloured cloth somewhere visible from the road. It will help us find your house quickly.

Your Puna will provide flags when required. If you don't have a flag when you need one, make do with a t-shirt, pareu or sheet in the right colour.

Puna Contact Details

Puna/Constituency Contact Name Role Email Phone Numbers
Akaoa Teremoana Ngatokorua Chairman [email protected] 0800 1808
Akaoa Pare Rongokea Jnr Co-Chairman [email protected] 0800 1808
Ruaau Vaipo Mataora Chairman [email protected] 0800 1807
Ruaau Elizabeth Munro EOC Coordinator [email protected] 0800 1807
Murienua HON Minister Patrick Arioka Chairman [email protected] 0800 1809
Murienua Upokotiao Henry EOC Coordinator 0800 1809
Puna/Constituency Contact Name Role Email Phone Numbers
Titikaveka Hon. Selina Napa Puna Lead [email protected] 0800 1810
Titikaveka Ali Macquarie Coordinator [email protected] 0800 1810
Ngatangiia Ina Tararo Chairman [email protected] 0800 1812
Ngatangiia Paul Maoate Co-Chairman [email protected] 0800 1812
Matavera Takapi Kora Chairman [email protected] 0800 1813
Matavera Tukurangi Hosking Jnr Co-Chairman [email protected] 0800 1813
Puna/Constituency Contact Name Role Email Phone Numbers
Nikao/Panama HON Minister Mac Mokoroa Chairman [email protected] 0800 1806
Ruatonga-Avatiu-Panama-Atupa (RAPA) Terry Utanga Puna Rep (National) [email protected] 0800 1805
Ruatonga-Avatiu-Panama-Atupa (RAPA) Apii Pakitoa Secretary [email protected] 0800 1805
Tupapa-Maraerenga Kopurei Anguna COVID 19 Chair [email protected] 0800 1803
Tupapa-Maraerenga Avele Simiona Co Lead [email protected] 0800 1803
Takuvaine/Tutakimoa Nooroa Roi Team Leader [email protected] 0800 1804
Takuvaine/Tutakimoa Tereapii Charlie Assistant [email protected] 0800 1804

Your Questions Answered

What Happens if I Receive a Positive Covid-19 Test in Rarotonga?
  • A risk assessment will be undertaken for you and any persons that have been residing with you or who might have come into close physical contact with you.
  • You and any other persons who are deemed to have come in close physical contact with you will be placed in supervised isolation/quarantine in a facility that will be determined by Te Marae Ora. Case and contact tracing procedures will follow.
  • Te Marae Ora will advise and support you through this process
  • Should you develop COVID-19 symptoms and require hospitalisation, you will be transferred to Rarotonga Hospital and admitted in the COVID-19 isolation ward.
Who Pays for Supervised Quarantine / Supervised Isolation in Rarotonga?

You will be responsible for the cost of undergoing supervised quarantine / supervised isolation in your home in Rarotonga. If you require hospitalisation, Te Marae Ora will cover your hospitals costs (if you qualify).

After Supervised Quarantine What if I Feel Unwell?
  • Contact 0800 1800 or 0800 1801 if you begin to feel unwell.
  • The symptoms of COVID-19 may include a new or worsening cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, coryza (head cold e.g. runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip), anosmia (loss of sense of smell).
  • Some may experience symptoms such as only: fever, diarrhoea, headache, myalgia, nausea/vomiting, or confusion/irritability.
How Can I Contact Emergency Services?
  • You can call emergency services on 999 if you have a health, police or fire emergency.
  • If you need to call emergency services, please let them know you are currently in supervised quarantine in Rarotonga.
How Can I Contact Social Welfare Services?

For all social welfare queries, call the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 29370 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday or Email: [email protected]