COVID-19 related death in Mauke

12 January 2023

This morning an 82-year-old female suddenly passed away on the island of Mauke. She returned back to Mauke on 2 June 2022 from Australia with her medications due to other personal health issues. She was fully vaccinated in Australia. 

This is her second infection for she tested positive for COVID before returning back to Mauke. 

On the 5 January 2023 she was symptomatic and tested positive for COVID with (RAT test) on Mauke. She completed her self-isolation yesterday. All other family members living with the deceased remained negative. 

The death is treated as COVID-related death as per the WHO guidelines; any death within 28 days of testing positive is to be treated as COVID-related death. 

Te Marae Ora is working with the family on Mauke for her arrangements and our sincere condolences to the family and the people of Mauke.