Travel and Border Control

Quarantine free travel

When travelling to the Cook Islands no one is currently required to enter a managed isolation and/or quarantine facility on arrival.

Travel to New Zealand

Know how to plan your travel to New Zealand and what will happen on arrival.

Travel to the Cook Islands

Know how to plan your travel to the Cook Islands and what will happen on arrival.

Travel to the Pa Enua

Planning on travelling to the Pa Enua on arrival please note that a Health exit screening is to be completed.

Your Questions Answered


Is it safe to travel to the Cook Islands?

Yes it is safe to travel to the Cook Islands, there are currently 0 (zero) confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Cook Islands

Do I need to provide a negative COVID-19 test before I can travel to the Cook Islands?

No. Under the current Level 1 Alert Level you are not required to provide a negative COVID-19 test to be eligible to travel to the Cook Islands. However, when the Alert Level changes, this is also amended. 

Are the Cook Islands borders open?

Yes. The Cook Islands borders are only open to those who meet the requirements under the Cook Islands Travel Advisory

As of 17 May 2021, the Cook Islands has commenced Quarantine Free Travel (QFT) with New Zealand. This means that anyone who has been in New Zealand or the Cook Islands for 14 consecutive days prior to departure can travel to the Cook Islands under this QFT arrangement. Visit Cook Islands Border FAQs for more information.

What is the entry criteria to the Cook Islands?

To be eligible to travel to or from the Cook Islands and New Zealand on a quarantine-free flight you must first meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must have been in New Zealand or the Cook Islands for 14 consecutive days before departure
  • Must not have tested positive for COVID-19 prior to departure. And if you have, that you have health clearance that you are no longer a risk
  • Must not be awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test that was undergone during the 14-day period

Normal immigration rules apply in both New Zealand and Cook Islands.

I am a Cook Islander, residing in New Zealand, can I travel to the Cook Islands?

YES. If you have not travelled outside of New Zealand within 14 days of your intended date of travel, you will be permitted entry into the Cook Islands. Please note that you may also be asked to do a temperature check  and/or answer health related questions when checking in  at the airport. 

I have been in New Zealand for over 14 days and will not be travelling before my trip to the Cook Islands in the next 3 months, do I still need to self-quarantine?

NO. So long as you have not been outside of New Zealand for 14 consecutive days prior to departure or have not been in contact with anyone who has contracted COVID-19, you will not require to self quarantine.

Can I travel to any of the outer islands?

Yes. Under Alert Level 1 there is no stand-down period or COVID-19 testing before travel to our Outer Islands. You may be required to complete a health survey and have your temperature taken upon check in.

Aitutaki and Atiu are the two most visited sister islands in the Cook Islands. They, and our other sister islands, are accepting visitors. Please visit for information on flight schedules to these islands.

Can I come to Rarotonga by Cruise Ship?

Entry restrictions for Cruise Ships, Yachts and Leisure Crafts will remain in effect until 30 June 2020. A temporary ban on the entry of all cruise ships, yachts and leisure crafts to the Cook Islands territorial waters on public health grounds.


What is CookSafe?

CookSafe is a simple and secure contact tracing system which enables all residents and visitors to be issued with a personal QR card. These cards are used to Tag In at all Businesses and Government Departments who have registered for CookSafe and set up their Tag In stations. The CookSafe database is then only accessible by the Ministry of Health.

How do I sign up for CookSafe?

You can register and collect your CookSafe QR cards from Chamber of Commerce office, Tourism Visitor Information Centre, Vodafone office and Prime Foods. Your information (name, address, contact number/email address) is secured through an encrypted database only accessible by selected staff within the Ministry of Health. This information will only be used for the purpose of contact tracing for COVID-19

How do I use my CookSafe QR card?
  1. Carry your QR card with you (take a picture of your QR code and store it on your phone) and Tag In at all participating Businesses or Government Departments that feature a CookSafe Tag In Here sign.
  2. Tag In by holding your card or code clearly within the scanning area of the device.
  3. The screen will appear green and the device will normally make a sound after a successful Tag In.
What is CookSafe+?

CookSafe+ is an added security Contact Tracing app using smart phone Bluetooth technology. CookSafe+ is designed for people located in the Cook Islands, but is compatible with the NZ Covid Tracer app. Bluetooth tracing allows you to receive an alert if you have been near another app user who tests positive for COVID-19.

How does CookSafe+ work?

Once you have turned CookSafe+ Bluetooth tracing on, it works by sending out a private and secure random ID code. The Bluetooth tracing function records how close the other phone was, and for how long. The phones you come into contact with will need to have Bluetooth tracing turned on as well. This means that when someone tests positive for COVID-19, they can send an anonymous notification containing all the random IDs their phone has sent out over the past 14 days. If your phone recognises any of these IDs, and you had been close enough for long enough to be at risk of exposure, you’ll receive an alert. This alert will advise you on what to do to keep yourself and your family safe.

How does CookSafe+ differ from CookSafe?

The current CookSafe does not require an individual to carry a device, only a QR card. People ‘Tag-in’ to public premises, and their number is timestamped and uploaded to a secure database. Tracing of contacts requires inspection of that database by the Ministry of Health, to identify other individuals present at the specified premises during the same time period. The current CookSafe does not directly record casual contact between individuals

Should I keep using CookSafe in conjuction with the CookSafe+ app?

Yes. Bluetooth tracing is not intended to replace our existing contact tracing processes or the CookSafe QR codes. You still need to scan your QR codes to keep track of where you’ve been. Bluetooth tracing is an added tool — it helps keep track of the people we’ve been near.

How do I download CookSafe+ app on my device?

The CookSafe+ app is currently available for free download to your smartphone from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Ensure that your device has the most up to date operating system for the app to function properly.

How is my privacy protected while using the CookSafe+ app?

When you enable Bluetooth tracing, your privacy is always protected — it cannot share your location, your name or anything else about you. Bluetooth tracing also does not record who you have come into contact with, or where you were. This means if you receive an alert because you came into contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, no one but you knows you have received it. All the contact tracing information you collect with the app is held securely on your phone, and it’s always your choice what information you choose to share.

Can I use more than one contact tracing app?

Only one can operate at a time. If you have another Bluetooth contact tracing app on your phone (e.g NZ Covid Tracer App), first turn off Bluetooth tracing on that app, before turning on Bluetooth tracing in CookSafe+ . There is no need to uninstall other apps. If you are a visitor to New Zealand or the Cook Islands you should switch to the app of the country you are visiting, to ensure that you receive relevant health advice and contact details. Contact history and notifications will continue even if you switch between the NZ Covid Tracer app and CookSafe+.

What You Need To Know

Contact Tracing System

A simple and secure contact tracing system which sees all residents and visitors issued with a personal QR card. All businesses and government departments use a smart phone or tablet to download a free app to scan residents and visitors into their premises.

Our Commitment

The Cook Islands Promise is our joint commitment to protect all Cook Islands residents, and international visitors from the severe acute respiratory syndrome virus widely known as COVID-19.

Contact Tracing App

CookSafe+ is a Contact Tracing app that sends you an alert if you have been near another app user who tests positive for COVID-19. The app uses smart phone Bluetooth technology and is compatible with the New Zealand Covid Tracer app.