Ministerial Order - Marine Borders & Travel to the Pa Enua

31 July 2022

Regulation 7 of the Ministry of Health (COVID-19) Regulations 2022

Port of Entry

  1. The master of a vessel must ensure that, if the vessel enters the Cook Islands, the vessel-
    1. proceeds directly to Avatiu Port and berths or lands there, after consulting with the harbourmaster and in accordance with any directions of a Customs Officer; and
    2. does not berth or land anywhere in the Cook Islands except for Avatiu Port until paragraph (a) has been complied with.
  2. A master is not required to comply with subclause (1) if-
    1. the harbourmaster or a Customs Officer directs otherwise; or
    2. an accident, weather, or another necessity compels the master to berth or land the vessel somewhere other than Avatiu Port.

Travel to Pa Enua

  1. Travel from Rarotonga to the island of Palmerston is restricted to the crew for the purpose of transporting cargo to Palmerston and/or transporting passengers and cargo from Palmerston to Rarotonga, unless an exemption has been obtained from the Secretary of Health (or delegate).

This order comes into force at 12.00am on 1 August 2022

This order will remain in force until 11.59pm on 11 September 2022