Ministerial Order - Pa Enua Travel

28 February 2022


Section 8 of the COVID-19 ACT 2020

Dated: 28 February 2022

Pa Enua Travel

It is ordered that:

1. Air and sea travel from Rarotonga to the Pa Enua (other than Aitutaki) is restricted to:

  • residents of the Pa Enua who need to return to their homes; and
  • pilots and crew for the purpose of transporting passengers and cargo:
    • from Rarotonga to the Pa Enua; and
    • from the Pa Enua to Rarotonga 

2. An exemption allowing other travel to the Pa Enua may be obtained from the Secretary of Health (or delegate).

This order comes into force at 11:59pm on 28 of February 2022

This order remains in force until 11:59pm on 2 March 2022


Hon. Mark Brown 

Prime Minister


Acting for the Minister of Health

Hon. Vainetutai Rose Toki Brown